Oct 24, 2012

These are Real: Naturally Occuring Colorful Striped Mountains in China

created at: 10/24/2012

Photographer "Melinda ^..^" has shared these stunning photos of the Danxia landforms in the Gansu province in the China. The landscapes are created by layers of red-colored sandstones and Cretaceous-era conglomerates, resulting in these amazing colorful striations that, if you ask me, would look pretty fine on a necktie.   created at: 10/24/2012

Sure, these have been here for thousands of years, but I remained (sadly) unaware this morning, and I think they're absolutely fantastic. Had you ever seen these before? In photos, or in real life?

I love envisioning some early human walking though the mountains and stumbling upon this. I wouldn't have been able to leave.

created at: 10/24/2012

If you're into other naturally-occuring colorful craziness, check out this bright pink lake in Senegal.

Melinda ^..^ on Flickr [via Kottke]





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Maria on Jul 07, 2013:

This place is absolutely beatiful!!! I would be humbled and totally delighted to be able to travel to China just to walk and see this place. May universe help me, and may my future bring me to this place. Thank you, hugs!