Which Pumpkin Beers Should You Be Drinking This Fall?

created at: 10/16/2012

Once you’ve made your way through ManMade’s picks for our favorite fall beers, it’s time to turn to something even more season specific: pumpkin beer. These seasonals are brewed “in all sorts of ways–using raw, roasted, macerated, or juiced pumpkins, and sometimes with pumpkin extract or flavoring added post-production.”

And, then, the most important question: how do they taste?   Bon Appetit sampled eleven seasonal brews, and noted, “Some went way too heavy on the pumpkin pie spice (rather than the subtle squash-y flavors), others had an artificial taste that put us off. But some tasted just like autumn.”

They pick three that do just that at Supermarket Standoff: Pumpkin Beers You Should Be Drinking This Fall