The World’s Most Mysterious Buildings

Rather than trotting “out clichéd write-ups of the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids, [or] the usual suspects of PR-pushed “haunted hotels,” Travel+Leisure sought to explore and profile some actual mysterious buildings: those of unknown origin, unlikely architecture, and general, legit creepiness. created at: 10/16/2012“These peculiar structures are original, lesser-known, and often arcane. Mystery after all, must be authentic.”   

created at: 10/16/2012

For example, check out this description for Newport Tower in Rhode Island: 

“Speculation has swirled around this stone structure in Newport’s Touro Park for centuries. Was it an observatory? A windmill? Nobody knows for sure. Twenty-eight-feet tall and estimated to be 500 years old, it’s curiously located and perfectly aligned with other points on the planet, including 5,000-year-old Stonehenge. Some archaeologists even consider the tower to be evidence of pre-Colombian contact in the Americas.”

Has anyone ever been there? What’s your take?

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