Roundup: 5 Simple and Stylish Masculine Bottle Openers

Trust me: you want to be the guy with the bottle opener. At a party or small gathering, you’ll be the guy everyone talks to. For those times when pick up your sweetheart and some longnecks to go watch the sunset. Or for the many, many reasons you’ll need one on vacation or a work-related trip.

My go-to options are the wall-mounted one I picked up at a restaurant supply store and a double-hinged wine key that I use for everything, but each of these is a well-designed heirloom item that’ll have you opening bottles just so you have an excuse to use it.1. Loop bottle opener (pictured above) Designed by Oscar Diaz. “The Loop has a rough tumbled finish, and will open bottles for as long as you’re drinking them.” Done.

2. Fort Standard bottle opener. These were handcarved in wax and cast in unfinished bronze, so they’ll develop a patina over time and maintain faint filing marks.

3. Corter Leather bottle hook. Hand cast in California, this guy also includes a belt loop hook to hang nearly anywhere. Available in Copper, Aged Pewter, or Red Powdercoat, and includes a stamped leather tab.

created at: 10/15/2012

4. Brass frame bottle opener. Designed by Masanori Oji. A contemporary take, in unfinished brass.

5. Eclipse bottle opener. Rests in your palm, and, basically, looks awesome just hanging around.

And, just for fun, here’s a few more novelty-style openers, that, just so we’re clear, still can open a beer with the best of ’em.

Drinique Knuckle bottle opener

A slide out opener built into your iPhone case

Millenium Falcon opener