How to: Shrink Denim Jeans for a Perfect Fit

“Your new favorite jeans cost less than $50 and will fit you perfectly.”

So, I learned something new today: there’s such a item called Shrink-to-Fit (STF) jeans, which are made from raw denim that you then conform to fit your body perfectly. Huh.   Levi’s makes a STF version of their classic 501 in raw denim, and Andrew from Primer has all the details about how to buy the right size, and then shrink them perfectly so they look just like they were sized just for you…which they were.

And the best part. If you shop smart, you can find these guys for around $50 USD or less.

Andrew says, 

Among denimheads, the process of wearing in a pair of raw jeans is a part of the charm. As the denim shrinks and conforms to your body, it also develops fading and whiskers with a more natural appearance than those bought pre-distressed at a store – a point of pride among those devoted to the practice….

My Shrink to Fit’s were my first adventure into raw denim and I have been very impressed with how great they look and fit, compared to how much I paid. Traditional Levi’s 501 Shrink to Fits can be found for around $40 online on sale, and in many stores. The 501 offers a classic straight fit, which keeps us stylish in these slimmer times, while also accommodating everyday items like boots.

Get the lowdown at Primer – Shrink to Fit: A Guide to Shrinking the Classic Levi’s 501 STF Jeans