How to: Iron a Button-Down Dress Shirt Like a Pro

Ironing. One or two rare guys can get away with the dishelved look, but nearly everyone else should embrace that combo of steam and heat that somehow make fabric flat. And while a quick run over a pair of pants or polo comes easy enough to most of us, the button-down is a whole ‘nother beast entirely. It’s got at least seven components going on, each requiring a special setup on the

 ironing board, and you’ve got to attack them in just the right order so you don’t mess up the work you’ve already done. 

But, it can be done at home, and it can be done well, saving you $7-8 per shirt at the dry cleaners, and guaranteeing your investment clothes will be cared for properly and you can have it ready whenever you need it.

The Dude Society has the complete step-by-step breakdown, and once you’ve mastered the proper order and technique, you’ll be crisp and clean in under five minutes.

How to Iron a Dress Shirt Correctly

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