Jack Daniel’s Meets the Signpainter

Tennessee-whiskey juggernaut Jack Daniels (their Old No. 7 is the best selling whiskey in the world) is creating a new annual tradition where they team up with independent artists and craftsmen to create poster artwork and an ad campaign around the theme of “independence.” 

They collaborated with Derek McDonald,a signpainter from Berkeley, CA, to create two pieces, one “on wood and [one] on the door of a vintage, 1950 pickup truck – to create the art for the Jack Daniel’s Independence Day campaign. The door was later removed from the truck and, along with the signboard, photographed to create the artwork for print ads, posters and large-scale outdoor murals.”

I especially love the wood piece, which reads, “There’s the easy way, there’s the fast way, and then there’s the best way.” If anyone sees archival versions of these posters for sale, please let me know. The ManMade needs one, indeed.

Watch Derek create these classic-style pieces in the video below:

Jack Daniel’s meets The Signpainter from Travis Robertson on Vimeo.