Aug 13, 2012

A Bat-Signal Made from Strings and Nails

Artist Stephen Ball has been experimenting with blending pop culture and retro crafting, creating a string art version of the Bat-Signal.  created at: 08/13/2012

He recently posted these pics to his Tumblr with the description, "Experimenting with the batman skylight logo and it came out pretty well:) "

So, that's that.

If you wanna learn how to create your own, check out our original ManMade tutorial: How to Make Typographic String Art

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Perspicere on Aug 17, 2012:

Cheers for posting this on your blog,,,, I didnt leave much of a description at the time of posting the image online as the piece was only a test piece for a larger similar piece i am working on, i didnt expect all the wonderful feedback i recieved:)


Thanks again


[email protected] 

Alert Electrical on Aug 16, 2012:

I saw some string & nails wall decoration a while back and thought it was great, this is cool too. Love the idea and it's soooo simple to make (although must be time consuming...)