The Best Time of Day to Do Everything

created at: 08/06/2012

Time management is unbelievably important essential for any man trying to be his best. That doesn’t mean you have to fill your day with as many tasks as you can or build out your schedule with nothing but hustle. It means that in order to be the guy, the husband, the friend, the father, the boyfriend, the employee, the maker, the athlete, the citizen, the artst, the buisness owner, the scholar, the volunteer, the brother (you get where I’m going…), you’ve got to create the balance that allows you to fit in all the tasks and roles you’ve incorportated into your life.

And a great way to create that balance? Be mindfulof not only what you do, but when you’re doing it. This isn’t about a corporate understanding of maximizing efficiency, though that’s part of it. Rather, the goal is to build the tasks into your schedule at the time it makes the most sense to accomplish them. That includes everything from booking flight times, to exercise, cleaning, and napping and walking the dog. As they say, “Don’t work harder. Work smarter.” Or something…

To get started, check out Real Simple‘s tips and ideas for The Best Time of Day to Do Just About Anything.

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