Colorful Origami Graffiti on the Streets of Vietnam and Hong Kong

French paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice recently created these incredible rainbow street art installations in the the urban areas of Vietnam and Hong Kong.

   She says,

My message for this both installations was a little bit politic (even if i don’t really like it), for the people..I just want to speak about the liberty spirit in the Hong-Kong streets and encourage the people to stay independant as they want.

For Vietnam, I wanted to use the star of their national flag. This one represent the people: farmers, students, workers, intellectuals and soldiers,  whose fight together for their independance…

When we know the hard history of the country and all their years of war, that’s a tribute for their bravery…

See more at Colossal: Urban Origami Installations on the Streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam  and Mademoiselle Maurice’s web site