How to: Make a Beer Bottle Tiki Torch

created at: 07/19/2012

This fun project has everything I’m looking for on a day like today: it’s summery, recycled, keeps all these wretched bugs away, and, most importantly, to execute it properly, you have to drink at least one beer. Win, win, win, win.   Instructable user T Jesse designed this project to take with him when going camping, when bringing five-foot-tall backyard tiki torches would be a little overkill. Plus, it has the added benefits of upcycled materials (including the wick), and it’s infinitely cooler because, well, it’s made from a beer bottle, not woven bamboo.

Plus, once you figure it out, you can make these things every summer for years to come.

Check it out: Glass Bottle Tiki Torch [Instructables]