ManMade Giveaway: Everything You Need to Make Great Cocktails At Home!

created at: 04/19/2010

ManMade wants you to throw your own cocktail parties, and we’d like to help.

So, during the two weeks of May 17 – 30th, we’re giving away a Home Bar Essentials gift kit that includes over $100 of great tools to make it happen. All you’ll have to do is grab some glassware and bring the spirits.

created at: 05/17/2010

The goodies include EVERYTHING on ManMade’s Top Ten Essential Bar Tools, plus plenty of extra stuff thrown in for fun. If you win, you’ll recieve:

  • Professional-grade Boston shaker set
    •   28 oz metal beaker
    •   16 oz mixing glass
  • Hawthorne strainer
  • Long bar spoon
  • Bartender’s bottle opener
  • Two refillable squirt bottles
  • Jigger/Pony
    • 1 oz and 1 1/2 ounce sizes
  • Hardwood muddler
  • Waiter’s-style corkscrew
  • Citrus zester with channel knife
  • Small cutting board
  • Paring knife
  • Enameled citrus juicer
  • Glass rimmer
  • Margarita salt
  • Five terrycloth bar tools

To learn how to best use these tools, check out our videos: Stirring the Perfect Martini, and Shaking a Perfect Margarita.

To enter, simply say at least ten words in the comment section below. You can tell us about your favorite mixed drink, your local friendly spot, your rarest bossa nova record…anything you want to share. Then, just make sure you provide a valid email address, and you’re entered. And you can increase you chances of winning by sharing the contest on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Just add that in the comments as well to let us know.

created at: 05/17/2010

This contest is now closed.

created at: 05/03/2010