Roundup: 20+ Ways to Use a Pocketknife

created at: 07/16/2012

I am not a regular pocket knife carrier. I own one; it’s in a dresser drawer and I get it out whenever I go camping, or I manage to take a package or box upstairs and need to open it. So, like twice a year.

But, I imagine I reach for something sharp and/or pointy and/or thin and stiff at least three times a day. And after reading this list, I’m thinking maybe I might need to add a small pocketknife to my watch, keys, and other daily carries.   Instructable-user Mr. BallenG has created a great roundup of twenty ways one might use a pocket knife frequently if you kept it on your person. Some are obvious, but some are actually quite creative and I can think of times in the past few days when they would have been helpful.

But the real goldmine is in the comments, where more than eighty users have added their own ideas to list. Of course, to use a knife for anything other than cutting (and even when doing so) requires some careful finesse, so be smart.

Check it out! And let us know in the comments – do you carry a pocketknife or small multitool with you daily?

EDC: The Pocket Knife [Instructables]

Top image by Andrew Stawarz, licensed under Creative Commons