How to: Make a DIY Typographic Rug

These days, with home prototyping and laser cutters widely available, artists are using these new tools to come up with all kinds of custom, stylish projects.

But it’s still awesome whenever someone figures out how to make some that looks machine-cut complicated, but is actually done at home with simple tools and techniques. Like this “type” rug, which, while looking awesome and loopily abstract, actually says, “type.”   Designer and handdrawn type-extraoridinaire Jessica Hische came up with this fun, DIY rug project for her studio and office. She says,

I am a perpetual decorator, and while I totally love Erik’s and my studio, I’m always looking for little ways to improve it. I had been thinking about how good a rug would be for the space for a while, but we already have so many rectangular objects in the room I thought that if we did get anything, it would be fun to have some sort of amoebic shape. I was doodling on my cintiq and came up with a design I was really into and immediately ordered myself some flor tiles. 

Since the Flor tiles are already gridded on the back, it became easy enough to just transfer the design by hand, and then cut out the shapes with a utlity knife.

I especially love how seamless the final design is, and love the contrast of the firm gray carpet and the loopy shapes. Fantastic.

Learn more about how it was done at Type Rug []