7 Big Men???s Style Mistakes We???ve All Made

created at: 07/11/2012

Even if you’ve spent your cash on stylish pieces, well cut and tailored options, and just all around quaility clothing, you still have to put it together right…and therein lies the trick. You can own closets full of simple, classic style, but there’s still plenty of room for errors.   Joe from Dappered explores seven of these classic mistakes, including simple things like getting a haircut too close to a big event, and even following the rules too closely. He says, 

7. Putting too much stock in rules and lists

Like this very list perhaps?  Anyway, getting dressed is a bit like cooking.  There are three types:

  1. Those who get intimidated by the whole damn thing, give up, and feel totally lost.
  2. Those who strictly follow the ingredients and guidelines and get the job done.
  3. Those who can improvise and put their own spin on a tried and true formula, or even wing it from scratch.  Bravo to those who are okay if they have to scrap the final product.  They enjoyed the attempt.”

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