Five Ways to Open a Wine Bottle WITHOUT a Corkscrew

created at: 05/03/2010

Cocktail parties are often just as much about flair as they are about gatherings, but most of us aren’t skilled enough (or willing) to start flipping shakers and bottles and catching limes in our teeth.


So, instead, try one of these five options for opening a corked wine bottle WITHOUT using a corkscrew. Some are pratical, some are just for show, and none are really classy, but all will certainly show off your mad hostin’ skills.

1. Use a screw. The Wired How-To Wiki offers this technique using a screw and a claw hammer. (pictured above)

2. A drill bit and pliers. Simply drill in a 1/4″-or-so drill bit, then grab with a pair of pliers, and rip it out!How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew in Romania

3. Use a knife. Plunge the tip of a long, thin knife half way into the cork, then tilt the blade about 30-degrees, and pull it out, hopefully bringing the cork along.

4. Smack it! Esquire magazine offers a trick that involves wrapping the base of the bottle with a towel, and then smacking it against a wall to slosh the cork free.

5. Push it through. Anything that can stand up to a thwack can push your cork into the bottle, leaving the neck free to pour. It’s the least desirable option, but you can have fun coming up with fun stuff to use: inkpens, screwdrivers, keys, an awl or icepick, etc…