How to: Make a DIY Lego Key Holder

created at: 06/11/2012

I’ve been seeing various DIY Lego key holders pop up on Pinterest and around the blogosphere lately and I think it’s a brilliant and super easy idea. First of all, everyone loves Legos. Second, we’re all misplacing our keys, right? Well this DIY project will add some geeky-chic flair to your home and, hey, if you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift for Dad, why don’t you make him one of these?  

created at: 06/11/2012

This really doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining…honestly if you can’t figure it out based on the picture then you might want to start out with Duplo and work your way up to Legos. I never knew what the various pieces were called, so forgive me if I’m missing some key Lego terms. But essentially you need two “flat pieces”. A bigger, say 6×8 piece and smaller 2×6 piece (or one of these pieces pictured here, Lego part #3176) which conveniently has a hole in it. If you don’t use #3176, then take a 2×6 flat piece and drill a hole in it for the keyring. Simple as that.

Finally, add your favorite Lego guy for a finishing touch and you’re all done!

[Via Mini eco]