How to: Make a DIY Wall-Mounted Bike Hanger from Drop Handlebars

created at: 06/06/2012

There’s all sorts of reasons you might need to hang your bike inside your home: perhaps you live in an urban area, and it’s really the only place to put it. Or maybe, you just love cycling so much you wanna pay homage to its design, and you’ll proudly display your ride as a piece of functional art.   Illustrator Kyle Wilson came up with this fairly easy and inexpensive solution: hang your bike from other bike parts!

He created a simply but brilliant indoor rack from a pair of drop handlebars and an old bike tire tube. It’s mounted to the wall with a simple pipe flange from the hardware store.

Most major cities have bike co-ops these days, where you can pick up and old pair of dropbars very inexpensively.

Nice work, Kyle.

How to: DIY Wall Bike Hanger [via Doobybrain]