How to: Make DIY Infused Spirits at Home

I’m always down to try a new cocktail recipe. But, it can be a pretty big investment to go in for a whole bottle of flavored vodka or special liqueur when you’re not even sure if you like the drink in the first place. And, often, many of them taste like candy, artificial extracts, or weird chemicals.

So, make your own. They’re much less expensive, taste way better, and you can make as little or as much as you want. With all the fresh summer produce coming to the markets, there’s every reason to give it a shot.   Marcia Simmons says,

Homemade infusions have a fresh, natural flavor. And making your own better-than-storebought infused spirits is not some elaborate or expensive project. It’s as easy as putting things in a jar, pouring booze on top, and waiting. Want cherry bourbon? Put some cherries in bourbon and wait. It will taste like cherries and bourbon. Desperate to try some basil-strawberry tequila, even though no one makes it? Make a small batch of it yourself with amazing ripe berries and basil. There’s not much to lose, except counter space.

See? Nothing to lose.

DIY vs. Buy: How to Infuse Spirits