How to: Make a Captain America Tie Dye T-Shirt

created at: 05/21/2012

Have you heard? They made a movie about The Avengers. It’s called The Avengers. People seem to like it.

To celebrate, my buddy Alexa shared this custom Captain America tie dye t-shirt. Since the 90s arealso all the rage, and the 90s were basically the 70s, it couldn’t be more timely. 

Alexa says,

Everyone around the office has been talking about Marvel’s The Avengers this week and we just knew that there had to be a fun craft in there for us to in honor of the movie! We put our thinking caps on and thought that a tie dye shirt in Captain America style was in order! This project was designed by in-house designer Lauri Eaton and she did an amazing job! We think Captain America fans out there would want to get this tie dye look for themselves! In fact, a lot of guys in the office wanted one after seeing what we made! Here’s how you make one for yourself!

Yes, that’s fabric spray paint. Fabric spray paint!

Check out the full how-to at I Love to Create: Captain America Tie Dye Avengers Shirt