How to: Make a Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip

A wall-mounted magnetic strip is the best way to store and organize kitchen knives, chisels, carving tools, and other sharp objects. It not only protects the sharpness of the tools and maintains their fine edges, but it keeps your hands safe while you’re storing the tools, and out of the way when you’re not using them.   You can buy long magnetic strips at fancy kitchen stores, or even inexpensive steel ones at IKEA, but they just don’t look at refined as, well, this hidden magnetic option by Noah. It’s facade is all hardwood, but it boasts the magnetic strength of hidden “rare earth” neodymium magnets.

Noah opted for a laminated, “rainbow” look of different species glued up together, but you could just as easily opt for a solid bar of hardwood.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever make one yourself, it’s definitely worth checking out to see how the whole thing was cut and put together. Nice work, Noah.

Rainbow Wood Magnetic Knife Strip

If you don’t have access to all sorts of woodworking tools but want to create a similar magnetic knife strip, check out the ManMade project How To: Make a Woodgrain Magnetic Tool Holder