DIY Idea: Make a Wrench Bottle Opener

There are all sorts of ways to open a bottle, but dare we say, none as stylish as opening one with a homemade combination wrench bottle opener.    The “Bottle Wrench” was designed by Jacob Crawley, and you can snag a custom-made one, built from an actual metal wrench for a cool $10.00.

But, this idea is also ripe for a DIY effort – if you don’t have any duplicates in your toolbox, you can often find combo kits at thrift stores and especially at garage sales. Then, measure where you’ll slice of one of the jaws – it looks like a 45-degree cut onto the bottom jaw is the way to go. Place the uncut jaw on a bottle, and note the right length, and mark it with a marker. Then, clamp the wrench in a vice, and cut one jaw using a coping saw, hacksaw with a bi-metal blade, a rotary tool, or an angle grinder (if you think you can control the cut). Smooth the cut edge with a file, then add a bit of leather strap or paracord to the end to hang it up. 

Or, snag one for a very reasonable ten bucks on Etsy: The Bottle Wrench

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