How to: Make Campfire Beef Brisket

Perhaps this weekend, you’ll find yourself about a campfire: a trip outdoors, a gathering with your friends, an excuse to build a campfire. And perhaps, if you do, you’ll want to take advantage of the warm, smokey heat, and whip up what may be one the tastiest, and manliest, meals of all time: campfire brisket, slow, wet, and amazing.  

This recipe comes from Best Made Co, the designers behind those fancy axes, which ManMade echoed in my Best Made-inspired fancy hammer how-to.

Beef is almost always on the menu in some form at Lumberland, and we’re especially proud of our brisket. Brisket can be a tough piece of meat, and we cook it slow and wet. Now, there are any number of ways to cook a brisket, and we’re sure there are some folks from Texas and St Louis that might have some rather strong objections to our method. But this ain’t Texas, or St Louis. This is Lumberland.

Lumberland Recipes: Best Made Brisket