Fresh Fingerprints Go on Adorable, Tiny Adventures

In the era of smartphones and tablets, you may be noticing something you haven’t seen since early elementary, provided you aren’t a criminal: your fingerprints. Artist Ingrid Aspöck began to notice her own prints smudging up her shiny new iPad, and instead of reaching for the screen cleaner, she embraced the grime and turned it into art.   

“She says, ‘In spite of being annoyed by them, I find them quite charming as they give this fancy technical device a human touch (no wordplay intended…).’…Aspöck personifies these little prints to create fresh, unique ways of appreciating the small downsides to modern technology! To fit the concept, the designs are appropriately available as iPhone and laptop cases.”

Not sure exactly how the medium works here…does she draw the art on the laptop, press down her fingers, then scan the screen? Or is there some ink involved? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Fresh Fingerprints Turned Into Cute Adventures

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