A Knitted Happy Meal

L.A.-based artist Sol Jeane has created what is likely the world’s tastiest looking fiber art: a knitted “happy meal.” Entitled “Triples,” the workcomes from her explorations in knitted food for a class at San Francisco’s Art Center. She says,

I started to knit food for a class called “Off the Wall,” taught by Brian Rea. The assignment was to make a cover image for the New York Times Magazine that incorporated the ideas and theories from the current year. The knitted hamburgers were a collaboration with a friend and designer, Yerina Cha. I chose, and continued to knit food because I believed that knitting with yarn was a perfect way to replicate food. It does not look exactly the same as the real thing, but what makes it so perfect is the vibrance of color and the warmth and richness of texture, which are what people expect from well-prepared food. I combined the colored thread so that I could maximize those characteristics.

Man, I gotta learn how to knit.

Triples, by Sol Jeane