DIY Idea: Wood Slice Turntable

8-Tracks never made it, cassettes are harder and harder to find, and CDs are certainly on their way out, but the vinyl record? Here. To. Stay.

If you head to any flea market, thrift store, or charity shop, you’ll find plenty of functional, yet ugly and worn out, turntables and record players. What to do? Take them home, rip out the guts, and install on a nice slice of wood.   This beautiful piece was created by Florida-based shop Audiowood, and is on sale at Etsy for $850. Which is a fair price to pay for a custom job like this, but it’s plenty ripe for a DIY treatment. You could use a drill and chisel or a plunge router to gut the bottom of the wood slice, and some hole saws and forstner bits to cut the holes and recesses for the gear. 

Just make sure to take photos and notes of the wiring setup so you can put it all back together again.

Audiowood Chipmunk Turntable

Also, be sure to check out Audiowood’s web site, which is full of beautiful, custom hardwood audio equipment:

created at: 04/25/2012