Apr 24, 2012

Vibrant Art Installation Created From 10,000 Meters of Colorful Yarn

created at: 04/21/2012

Artist Lee Baker used 10 meters (that's 32,808 feet) of colorful yarn to create this incredible installation called Refractive Monolith. Filling the corner of a room in a gallery, the colored yarn almost creates a sort of "three-dimensional drawing" against the gray walls and floor.  

created at: 04/21/2012

The closeup shots of the installation are my favorites. You really get a sense of how much yarn is really being used to create this rainbow-like installation.

created at: 04/21/2012

Be sure to check out this video which shows the installation being set up. Very cool.

To see more photos from Refractive Monolith, visit Lee Baker's website.

[Via Plenty of Colour]




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