10 “Mad Men”-Inspired Classic Cocktails to Mix Up for Season 5!

created at: 03/23/2012

Oh, man…I dunno how I missed this until yesterday, but apparently, the new season of Mad Men starts this Sunday. I mean, I remember nearly a year ago when it was supposed to come out, all the reports said, “March 2012,” but who can actually keep track of those things? Musn’t dwell. Moving on.

Anyway, you should watch it, and better yet, you should participate even more fully by finding some reason to wear a suit, listening to Sam Cooke, and mixing up some classic cocktails.   Unsurprisingly, AMC has got quite the selection of goods for you, including a playlist, some free invitations and downloadables, and a menu and cocktail guide.

created at: 03/23/2012

They also have a hilarious PDF of printable masks you can don and/or do lots of funny things with. Dibs on Lane Price.

Check it out: Mad Men Party Guide