How to: Make a DIY Masculine Leather Watch Strap

I know. For many, the era of the cell phone has rendered the wristwatch useless for some. But not me. I’m an enternal watchwearer, forever doomed to feeling naked without that one accessory that must stay on me. I may be used to the weight, may just not like the look of my bare left wrist, or perhaps I’m just obsessive enough that I need not to have to pull something out of my pocket to know what time it is. (It’s that one).   But I think the wristwatch is here to stay and essential masculine accessory. Finding one that works dressed up or down can be a bit tough. So, Matt came up with a clever way to turn an inexpensive Timex Weekender into a stylish, handmade, one-of-a-kind option that’ll suit nearly everything.

“This little project is really easy. You’ll use the strap that comes with the watch as a guide, so you can fully cut and punch all the holes in your new strap to match by looking at the original.

This one is keeping the same pass-through look, but also check back for Watchstrap #2 – I’m going to make a traditional two-piece strap for my girlfriend’s watch (yes, we’re gonna be semi-matchy) and I’ll post instructions and a cutting template for you.”

Leather Watchstrap [Wood&Faulk]