How to Make Your Bed in 30 Seconds

I wasn't always a bedmaker. It wasn't until I was living in the dorms in college, and my bed also had to serve as the sofa, chair, desk, laundry-folding area, and dining table that I got in the habit of the daily bedclothes readjusting. And my bed needs it, cause I sleep like a freaking tornado and things end up in impossible places.

It's a habit I'm glad I've held onto. Research shows that people who make their bed are actually happier. And because my bed isn't fussy, it only takes me about twenty seconds to put it back together, and it really does affect the entire day, especially because I work from home and see it all day long.

GQ has a great short piece about making the bed in only thirty seconds. You have an extra thirty seconds to make the bed. Go learn the technique, and master it daily. Your life will improve, as weird as that sounds. Truth. Do it.