Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen

I live in a multi-unit urban building, and so share a small yard with three other folks/couples. We have a sidewalk on our street, and a little drive, plus a walkway that unites all of our doors. All concrete, and usually all shoveled when it’s snowy out. (By me. You’re welcome, guy on the end).

And yet, it never fails. One of my neighbors will walk through the yard when it’s snowy out. I have no idea why. One, it gets your shoes unnecessarily wet. Two, it’s safer and only takes ten extra seconds to walk on the sidewalk THAT I JUST SHOVELED FOR YOU. But, three, and most importantly, it ruins the snow. Nature did it’s job by making the yard awesome with freshly fallen layers and drifts, now you, people who watch TV way too loudly, have gotta do your part by not messing it up.

Unless, of course, you’re Sonja Hinrichsen, and you’re gonna take the time to make amazing art out of it. 

Part crop circles, part that-kid-from-“Family-Circus”-that-walks-in-loops, the San Francisco-based artist enlisted ten volunteers to strap on snow shoes and create the temporary installation near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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