How To: Build DIY Wooden Speakers from a Salvaged Tree

Tree SpeakersWhen Noah was at Brown University, a large, historic tree in East Providence succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. “The giant tree’s death was unfortunate and sad, but the loss of the tree ultimately led to the birth of something else: The Elm Tree Project.  The joint venture between Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design produced a set of classes, exhibitions and specially designed studios, all built specifically to explore and produce various forms of art that could be made from the deceased tree. “

Noah’s participation in that project were these tree bough speakers, created from solid 14″ sections of the great elm. “Using actual tree rounds as speaker enclosures is beneficial to the overall speaker design because it results in an almost seam-free cabinet, thick and acoustically dead enclosure material, and non-parallel internal sides which help to reduce unwanted frequency amplification and reverberation.”


Tree Speakers::Instructables

[Thanks, Jo!]