Feb 15, 2012

How to: Create a Home Bar from a Vintage Television

The visual appeal of this killer vintage Silvertone television is obvious, but even if it did work, it likely would be rather tough to watch when the average mobile phone has a better resolution, and get likely get more channels.

So, when Dylan and Bethany stumbled across it in a secondhand shop, they took it home, and did what anyone might. They built a bar out of it.  

They gutted the television (try this for advice) and added a piece of glass for a shelf. Then. they stashed the spirits, and added some festive string lights. 

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Scott on Apr 12, 2014:

Now that is what I call creativeness

Bethany on Apr 19, 2012:

This is my TV. My husband and I make them for people. This project is actually pretty dangerous. Older TVs can hold a charge even if they haven't been used or plugged in for a long time. I would not suggest doing this unless you know what you are doing.