Jan 27, 2012

How to: Make a Stylish Knit Tie

The neck tie can have a big effect on whatever you're wearing. It can dress up a pair of jeans, add punch to a blazer, and generally up whatever shirt you're wearing...provided it has a collar. 

But sometimes, you wanna control the "up." There are lots occassions where your finest silk is a little overkill, or that perfectly balanced double-windsor can actually make you overdressed. In those occassions, when you need just a bit of extra style, give the just-casual-enough knit tie a shot...and while you're at it, make it yourself.     

Nicole from the Purl Bee offers these two patterns for a "reverse stockinette" and a "Fair Isle" tie. You can make both with a small skein of each color, and would make for a great way to spend a gray winter weekend while watching a great film. Go do it!

Laura's Loop: Father and Son Knit Ties


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Anonymous on Nov 11, 2013:

Hi! Where can I find the pattern/recipe for these knitted ties? I really want to make them for christmas, so answer fast please:)