Jan 26, 2012

Eerily Beautiful Taxidermy Lamps

created at: 01/25/2012

That's right. The day has finally come…taxidermy meets interior lighting. Personally, I wouldn't be too keen on having a couple of dead squirrels hanging on the wall above my bed, but that's just me. Oh and just wait until you see the rat swarm lamp...  

created at: 01/25/2012

Gross, right?

Alex Randall, the UK-based artist who created the beautiful/creepy as hell lamps, has used a variety of dead animals for her pieces. And while rats and squirrels may not appeal to you that much, how about a nice mallard duck holding a silk shade lamp in its beak?

created at: 01/25/2012

Check out Alex Randall's website to see more of her work


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Anonymous on Sep 17, 2014:

That taxidermy is FANTASTIC! He's really talented. I would personally not have them but they look alive.

Anonymous on Aug 16, 2013:

No.  Just NO.


Connie @ Daydream In Color on Jan 26, 2012:

I didn't realize lamps could be so neat & gross at the same time!