10 Men’s Style Mistakes to Avoid

Gin A. Ando, in the always thoughtful and reliable Primer magazine, offers, in his voice, “ten style mistakes I wish I’d learned a long time ago. He says, “Being virile young men, we are somewhat expected to be reckless in our nature. Perhaps we don’t think everything through before we do it. Or maybe we do things in excess. But if there’s something a well-dressed young man who at least looks put together can do, it’s get away with most anything he desires. There are, however, universal rules. While we individually may not be guilty of these infractions, we collectively as young men have experienced them. This goes beyond wearing socks with sandals, gentlemen.”

The tips are pretty great, and Andrew’s visuals are top notch as always. Check out this, and sin no more.

10 Style Mistakes I Wish I Learned Long Ago