Free Magazine: Makers in the Modern Era

Hand-Eye Supply, the Portland, OR/online store selling “tools for making, designing, building, doing” have released their first magazatolog, called Makers in the Modern Era, which you can get can…for free.

   The publication seeks to “document a broad cross section of creatives in the Northwest. Each portrait displays the subjects in the midst of their real creative environments—dusty workshops, hot kitchens and earthy farmlands—tastefully composed with a nostalgic nod to work crew and shop photos from the ’40s and ’50s.”

“To give you an additional insight in to the creative lives of each subject, each person included an image in the catalog of a hand-created artifact, be it a sketch, materials list or model that they would regularly use in their specific processes.”

You can recieve it for free by heading to Hand-Eye Supply and simply signing up. 

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