Dec 19, 2011

Have Yourself a Paper-y Little Christmas: 14 DIY Paper Craft Projects for the Holidays

Okay, jingle bell-ers, you've got a week left. The tree is up, the presents purchased, and the fire aglow. Now, its on the really good stuff - cookie baking, gift wrapping, and watching the good Christmas movies.

And, of course, putting the final touches on the decorations. For this week is the week of adding just that extra bit of festiveness to your space. So, while you're munching candy canes, cracking up at Cousin Eddie's dickie, grab a pair of scissors, and add some comfort and joy to your spot with these easy paper craft Christmas projects.


Last year ReadyMade posted a two-part series, "Have Yourself a Paper-y Little Christmas," featuring a solid fourteen holiday paper projects from around the internet.

Each of them can be easily completed in a single session of A Muppet Christmas Carol, and most can be whipped up ever quicker and en masse for some serious impact.

Have Yourself a Paper-y Little Christmas [Part I]

Have Yourself a Paper-y Little Christmas [Part II]


PS - I authored this articles last season, so full disclosure and all that




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Anonymous on Nov 30, 2014:

How do we access it nothing happens when I click

Anonymous on Oct 01, 2012:

Nothing happens when I try to click on the above links. Is the webpage still up?

Little Red on Dec 19, 2011:

The Muppet Christmas Carol!! I force my family and anyone else I can find to watch that every Christmas Eve. And at least twice during the year at random times, because it's never not awesome.

The X-Files Christmas episode with Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin is the annual tradition while trimming the tree.