Free Music Alert: Songs for Stuffing – A Thanksgiving Mix

Yeah, the grocery stores and commercials are full of standards for that other upcoming holiday, but this week, if you’re not quite ready to jump to sleigh bells and mentions of misteltoe, try rocking out to NPR’s “Songs for Stuffing,” a collection of jams for Thanksgiving. Yeah, there’s the requisite “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” and some recognizable songs about munching, like Wierd Al’s “Eat It.” but there lots of little known gems in here. I’ve been listening all morning, and am digging the excellent mix of R&B (“Feed Me” by Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan), Alt.Country (Jeff Tweedy performing with Golden Smog on “Pecan Pie”), and the best song you’ve ever heard about food preservation, “Canned Goods” by Greg Brown.

It’s good stuff. Go listen! Now.

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of yous.

Songs for Stuffing: A Thanksgiving Mix [NPRMusic]