Nominate Your Local Firehouse for a Brand New IKEA Kitchen Makeover

There is likely a secret culinary hot spot in your neighborhood…where you’ll never get to eat. Deep inside that community staple – the firehouse – there are cooks and recipes to die for, many of which can battle restaurant chefs, and likely win.

The firehouse kitchen epitomizes the spirit of communal dining, as explained in this video interview with Denis Leary, star and co-creator of the NYC firehouse drama Rescue Me. During long shifts and a mindset of constant readiness, firefighters continue to gather and enjoy hearty, homecooked meals, likely with fairly bare bones equipment.

IKEA and The Family Handyman magazine want to do something about that. They’re hosting a new contest called The Rescue Remodel, in which folks can nominate their local firehouse to recieve a $25,000 kitchen makeover from IKEA.

“They come to the rescue and protect your community every day. Now you can reward your local firehouse dedication by nominating them to win a new IKEA kitchen worth $25,000 in our Rescue Remodel Contest.

We’ll outfit our brave men and women with a truly heroic kitchen featuring everything from cabinets and appliances to cookware and food storage. And since it’s all from IKEA, it will be full of smart and innovative ideas to make their lives a little bit easier. It’s the least we can do for all their hard work!”

Head over to Rescue Remodel now to learn more and nominate your local firehouse. Do it!

created at: 11/10/2011

Thanks to IKEA and The Family Handyman for sponsoring this post !