Oct 20, 2011

How to: Make a Bloody Brain Cap

created at: 10/19/2011

Mmm…brains. Halloween is quickly approaching, and that can mean only one thing: the zombies are coming. Heck, even the CDC wrote an article about how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse!

Technically speaking, this gory brain cap is probably the worst thing you could wear when the zombies arrive, but it would definitely be a great costume for Halloween if the brain-eaters aren't around.

Jeromina Juan, the brains behind Paper, Plate, and Plane, made this great tutorial for CRAFT, which shows how you can create your very own bloody brain cap using an old baseball cap and a whole bunch of caulk.

created at: 10/19/2011

Delightfully gross, huh? 

Project: Gory Brain Cap [CRAFTzine.com]


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Anonymous on Mar 04, 2019:

i am content with ur content

Anonymous on Mar 04, 2019:

gr8 content

Becky P S on Oct 31, 2011:

Genius! Must bookmark this for next year!

martin on Oct 20, 2011:

Nope, it's a different process where you are covering an object (found object, original sculpture, etc.) that you want to reproduce. I mostly would cast wax with those molds, but I am exploring using other materials. I'll definitely do a how-to soon!

Chris on Oct 20, 2011:

Do you just create a blank chunk of caulk, then carve a mold?!

I expect a full how-to soon.

martin on Oct 20, 2011:

Seems to me that the key to creating such a heavy/wide bead is to make sure you cut off quite a bit of the nozzle from the caulk tube.

Caulk offers so many crafting possibilities. I exclusively used it to create all my molds back in my lost-wax bronze casting days. A lot cheaper than the silicone and urethane rubber mold mixes from specialty casting supply shops too.

Chris on Oct 20, 2011:

The caulk is brilliant move. I had no idea it would dry in such a heavy bead. I'm gonna use that trick on something soon...