Steve Jobs Portrait Made Entirely out of MacBook Parts

created at: 10/16/2011

Since Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, there has been an incredible array of artistic tributes to the man that gave so many creative folks the tools to express themselves. I, for one, have been an Apple fanatic since September 15, 1994, the day my family got our first computer: a Power Macintosh 7100. That day also happened to be my 11th birthday. But I digress.

The tributes to Steve Jobs that have popped up recently show just how much he has changed the way we live and make things. This portrait by Foundry, however, truly impressed me. It is made entirely out of components of a dissected MacBook Pro, which seems especially fitting, and also, very meta.

What other impressive tributes to Steve Jobs have you seen?

See it at Lost At E Minor