How to: Pac-Man Halloween Garland

created at: 09/26/2011

Unless you’re ready to go full out, it’s kinda hard to decorate for Halloween. Anytime I’ve tried, my house has looked like 1) a crappy, half-finished haunted house, 2) like the clearance aisle at the discount store on November 2nd, or 3) like a kindergarten classroom.

But, wait. Hold up. What about something that’s Halloween-y, but doesn’t resort to overplayed imagery, and even includes a bit o’ nostalgia and pop culture imagery to boot?  

Enter the PacMan v. Ghost Halloween garland. It’s handmade, essentially free if you’ve got some paper lying around, and just festive enough. Kate provides a free downloadable template, and a clever trick to get those floating eyes.

PacMan Halloween Garland []