How to: Make a Clock from Junk Mail

I once heard that it takes 300 points of contact to be swayed by a piece of print advertising (that you’re not already seeking out). That means a political candidate has to call, be seen on a TV ad, or send you junk mail 300 times in order for that technique to be effective.

And other than coupons or sale annoucements, I can’t imagine, in this day and age, where postage is expensive, and we’re touched by thousands of ads before we even check the mail, that sending stuff to a mailbox is helpful.

And yet, still it comes. So, turn that waste upside down, and make something from it. Inspired by a piece she saw on Etsy, Genevieve created this retro-inspired clock from actual glossy junk mail, some CDs, and a clock mechanism. Clever, yeah? See the full “Home Hack” at Apartment Therapy:

How to Make a Clock from Junk Mail!

via CollegeLifeDIY