9 Incredible Book Sculptures

Some folks freak out everytime they see some traditional form of media made into something else – books, vinyl records, and the like. As someone who has altered these things into many a how-to project, I constantly recieve comments about how “sad it is that books are no longer valued” or “instead of ripping up albums, try listening to them.” Folks, my entire home is filled with books. And records. And lots of old furniture, plenty of heirlooms, and even a few cassette tapes. I get it. But, not all old things are worth saving.

Or, better yet, sometime a thoughtful transformation proves the everlasting value of historic media. Honors it in a unique way that doesn’t say, “This is old, so I’m gonna turn it into something else,” but “this is awesome, and I want it to participate in a work of art, or be echoed throughout my home.”

On that note, GammaSquad has assembled nine seriously awesome book sculptures. I know there are lots more of these out there, so feel free to add your favorites to the comments below.