DIY Idea: Make a Bicycle Valve Key Organizer

I know this sounds like a cheesy setup for a blog post, and it’s way too coincidental, but I assure you, it’s true: last night, I popped a tube on my bike, cutting my intended 65 mile ride into a short 7.5. I have a spare tube, tire wrenches, and pump with me at all times, which I thought I knew how to use. Turns out, I do not. It was a long walk to the bike shop. (Thankfully, I learned they have classes on how to fix a flat every Thursday at 7p. Guess where I’ll be this week.)

So, perhaps I’ve just got bike tires on the brain, by I think this bicycle valve key organizer is all sorts of cool, and definitely worth a DIY effort.

The build looks pretty straightforward. The original seems to use actually tire rubber, which you could definitely snag at your local shop or bike co-op, but you could also just use a scrap of hardboard or luan. Then, just measure the width of the valve, and drill the holes. Paint it up (or not), and use the nuts to secure everything in place. Hang, and never loose your keys again.

Available for € 26.00 from Germany, with international shipping available. Spotted at Recyclart.

Also, I’m currently watching this video…you should too: