Sep 02, 2011

The Art of Clean Up: Meticulously Arranging Everyday Objects

created at: 09/02/2011

One last bit of Friday inspiration for those who thrive on symmetry. We are with you. (I am you.)

created at: 09/02/2011

"Swiss artist and comedian, Ursus Wehrli, known for his Tidying Up Art books (where he tidies up famous artwork, such as Van Gogh’s Room or Botticelli’s Beach by carefully rearranging them) returns with a new project. In his forthcoming book, The Art of Clean Up he brings his passion for sorting things to everyday life and objects."


created at: 09/02/2011

created at: 09/02/2011

Happy Friday!

The Art of the Clean Up [Psfk.com]


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