Sep 01, 2011

Ditch the Frame: 5 Alternative Ways to Hang Art

On the hanging art spectrum, there are two extremes. There's the framed, matte-hung art that makes everything from a postcard to a painting look, well, like art. Then there's the bedroom classic of a poster stuck into drywall with thumbtacks or onto cinder blocks with sticky tack.

And in my house...neither really works. Posters look too much like a dorm room, but frames are just a bit too formal.So, I'm all about keeping stuff finished, but frameless. I'm a big fan of SwissClips, but I also love these five suggestions from Kim Lucian. "Going frameless can be great for a number of reasons. It lends itself to a casual collected look and it is low commitment, making it easy to keep things fresh by changing out your artwork. "

Ditch the Frame: 5 Alternative Ways to Hang Art


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