14 Alternative Uses for Beer

Through a strange turn of events, I find myself with some awful beer in the fridge. I didn’t buy it, and I’m not gonna hate on a brand online, but it’s one of those: gross, flavorless, and I won’t drink it. It’s not worth the calories, even if it is light and basically water.

I could save it for the next time I have guests with different tastes…but honestly, I don’t wanna waste the fridge real estate. I already made a fruit fly trap, but there are still seven cans (that’s right, cans) to go. And then, along comes this cool roundup of fourteen ideas. Amber from Re-Nest says, “Our multi-talented ales and lagers are not only thirst-quenching; they can also serve as a delicious way to distract stinging bugs from your backyard get-togethers, keep mice away, fertilize your plants (inside and out), rid your lawn of brown spots, remove stains, polish brass, and more!”

Household Tips: The Many Uses of Beer