How to Print DIY Patterned Fabric

It can be tough to find attractive, masculine-friendly pattern fabric at your local craft store. The solids are usually safe, but save for a tiny check or two, most of the stores are a sea of shiny lamé, pastel animal prints, or, worse, the supposedly masculine-y flamed fleece or sports team prints.

Or, perhaps you simply can’t find fabric that matches a room or space…anyone who’s ever looked can attest: it can be tough.

Solution: print your own.   Jason, now Apartment Therapy’s managing editor, says, “The mission: To find a patterned fabric in a color as close to my freshly painted walls as possible. The problem: Everything I found was totally over my budget. The solution: Printing my own pattern using basic cotton fabric, leftover latex paint, and a stencil. This little project, while time consuming, requires just a few supplies.”

I love the trick to using tape to keeping the registration marks lined up to keep your pattern square.

How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric